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XCMS Online is a cloud-based metabolomic data processing platform that provides high-quality metabolomic analysis in an intuitive, web-based format. XCMS Online allows users to easily upload LC/MS metabolomic data that can then be processed with a few simple mouse clicks. You will need a user account to use the system. However user accounts are free and only require a valid e-mail address to register.

If you require additional storage space, please contact us for options.


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Simple mass spectrometry data processing.

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Demo login (read-only) for testing:

login: demo1
password: 12345678

Demo datasets can be viewed using this login, but no changes can be made. To process datasets please create your own account.

Demo Dataset that can be used for testing

Coke vs Pepsi
1) Download and extract these files on your harddrive.
2) Upload Coke* files as dataset 1 and Pepsi* files as dataset 2.
3) Use parameter set HPLC/QTOF.

XCMS Server for your lab!

XCMS Server is a stand-alone, dedicated server for local installation.
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