Updated XCMS Online system 3.7.0 Updated XCMS Online system 3.7.0

Hello XCMS Online users - We're happy to announce the update of XCMS Online to version 3.7.0. This release has many new options in it including a new job type multi-modal. Multi-modal is useful for combining different polarities and different LC types to get the most coverage from your samples. We have also updated the user interface to give XCMS Online a fresh look. If you are having any issues please let us know but we also recommend to make sure your cache is reset so that you're not getting old pages. 

We're excited about many new features still in development and hope you will be too.


Best - The Whole XCMS Online Team 

2018-07-31 20:28

Welcome to the XCMS Online FAQ news Welcome to the XCMS Online FAQ news

Hello User,


We hope that you like the new FAQ page. Here you'll find a bunch of frequently ask questions about XCMS Online and their respective answers. We will also be publishing the latest updates to the system here and any interesting use cases that we might come across.




The XCMS Online Team 


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2016-06-28 21:14

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